Revisiting my Take on Wallpaper

On our recent vacation in Florida, Evan and I stayed in an amazing house.  The architecture was fun and beachy, but the interior left something to be desired.  Every room – and I mean EVERY inch of wall – had a midwall border of wallpaper.  In the living room, kitchen, hallways and master bedroom it was a trail of ivy (*gag*) and in the bathrooms and other two bedrooms it was seashells and sandcastles.  There is definitely a way to do a beach house tastefully, and this was NOT it (but that’s another blog topic entirely).  In my little girl bedroom, I too had the midwall wallpaper (little country animals like ducks, pigs and kittens), but that was in the 80s, and wallpaper had a different place then.

I’ll confess I’ve never actually put up wallpaper.  It seems like it would be very messy and time consuming – avoiding the little air pockets and matching up seams just right.  Don’t even get me started on the nightmare of taking it off – unfortunately, sometimes you just have to paint over it.  Despite most of my negative opinions about wallpaper, with the right pattern and a great designer, it can really make a room.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:

I’ll start with my favorite ever.  It took me a while to hunt down this image.  I love the color of this damask pattern and the parings with the green and pink in the lamp and the flowers.  It looks classic and feminine but contemporary at the same time.

Entryways seem to be one of the best places for wallpaper as they are already small spaces.  I think wallpapered rooms tend to feel cramped, but an entryway seems pretty safe.  And wallpaper is a great way to add character to an entryway, especially since it’s often the first space people see.  If I ever take a crack at wallpapering, I’d start with an entryway or maybe an accent wall.

This room was done by my aunt, Jennifer Dengel, an interior decorator in New Jersey.  I find this room so appealing.  Her choice in wallpaper brightens up a small space and exemplifies the existing unique architectural qualities.  I love the red and blue punches in the accessories and the chinese ancestral portrait.  This room just plain makes me happy 🙂

A few others I really like:

After searching, here are a few wallpaper sources I found noteworthy:  Cole & Son, Cavern, Makelike, Ferm Living, and Nama Rococo.  If you’re going to take the plunge, either do your research or have someone do the project for you!  If you like to DIY and save money as much as I do, check out this great post on Design Sponge:  Wallpaper Basics and get it right the first time!  And when you get sick of your wallpaper, here’s a post from Apartment Therapy that provides tips for taking it off:  Great Ways to Remove Wallpaper.

Images 1, 3, 4:  Design Sponge, Image 2:  Jennifer Dengel, Images 5-8:  Apartment Therapy.

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