A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

In my parents home, decorating the Christmas tree was always a big deal.  With Raffi’s Christmas album playing in the background, we’d carefully unpackage all our tree ornaments and become overly excited when we found our favorites.  I was quite proud of my last 2 trees, but this year, living in a new apartment (on the third floor) and not a lot of floor space, I was seriously contemplating not even bothering with a tree.  But I did it. And here it is (Marley included!)

It’s a bit tilted to the left and propped on a laundry basket with a quilt wrapped around it.  A true Charlie Brown christmas tree!

I thought I’d look at other holiday decorations that other people in the design world have mastered.  Here are a few of my favorites:

And a few alternatives to Christmas trees if you don’t have the space or are looking for something a bit different from the norm:

I wish I could say where I found these photos, but I accidentally saved them without saving the credits for the pictures.  Most of them, I found on my favorite blogs:  Cococozy, Decor8, Little Green Notebook and Habitually Chic and Stylebeat.  Check them out!

And have fun with your Christmas decorations… but please don’t tell me you opted for the upside down Christmas tree that made it’s (hopefully one time) appearance this year!

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