As easy as E-T-S-Y

I’m likely preaching to the choir because chances are you’ve heard of Etsy.    If not, here’s your chance to catch up with the times.  Etsy is known as the ebay for art.  It is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items.

Affordable art can be difficult to come by as is finding the exact thing you’re looking for.  You want a print of a raccoon wearing a tuxedo, no problem!  A house for your dog that looks like a tiki hut, okay!  Want to decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments made entirely of bicycle parts, sure thing!  Many items can even be personalized!  There are definitely some bizarre items for sale on Etsy, some of which remind me of Phoebe Buffay’s creations!  In my opinion, the true Etsy gems are in the prints!

Here are a few prints I really liked.  Most of these are very affordable too.

You can find cute little prints in various different sizes too, so they’d make a great display as a series on one wall.  And they don’t necessarily require a frame.  See the one with the lemon that was creatively hung with easel clips.

They could also probably be hung on foam board or by sticking photo corners (used in scrap-booking) directly to the wall.  I’m sure there are other unique ways to hang prints on the wall.  If you think of any – let me know!

Esty caters to various other mediums too.  They’ve got jewelry, pottery, stationary, purses, blankets, pillows, furniture … you name it!  With tens of thousands of sellers, you may even know someone with a store!  Okay, go peruse the website, but be forewarned –  purchasing items on Etsy can be habit forming!

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