When it Comes to Storage, Think Outside the Box!

Keeping my living and working spaces free of clutter has always been a challenge.  This is surprising since my dad is the king of organization!  Growing up, our pantry shelves were adorned with those little red plastic labels indicating various food categories.  My dad kept a card catalogue for his several hundred 45s and records (which were kept in alphabetical order by artist anyway)!  My mother told me that it is not uncommon for her to come home from shopping and find that he has organized something such as alphabetizing her spices.  Oh yeah, did I mention that he created an archive (by subject of articles) for all his National Geographic magazines going back about 2 decades.

And what about me? -my car doubles as an extension of my closet and a garbage container.  My office is swimming in papers of which the degree of organization is most certainly questionable!  I do, however take pride in my new apartment which, being a bigger space (esp the larger closet spaces) has presented as much easier to keep tidy).  A few days ago, I noticed that The Container Store is opening in a month and a half right around the corner from me, so I went to the website to peruse the merchandise.

The store offers decorative boxes, shelving, baskets, crates, trunks, and bins.  With the various colors and patterns and ascetic appeal, you no longer have to hide your storage odds and ends in the closet!  Match the colors to go with your existing decor and create an organized space that meets your needs.  And the best part is that this stuff is affordable!  I mean REALLY affordable.  Here are a few of my favorite items :

And, while options like the ones below are more expensive, The Container Store also offers suggestions for how to organize various spaces such as work and entertainment.  I love these, especially the desk organization:

There are also many DIY storage projects you can create in your own home.  Design Sponge has many ideas you can complete as a weekend project.  Check out these:

Shown here:  a jewelry display box (this you can make to various sizes and backgrounds, and use whatever hooks are to your liking), a framed display shelf, a file cabinet covered in decorative wallpaper (I like the display board above the desk with the two frames on cork board), and an oak shelf desk (I also like how simple this is yet it can be such an eye-catching piece with the right accessories).  Click on these for instructions to do them yourself.

My organizational skills are definitely a work in progress, but perhaps after a trip to The Container Store, I will make my living and working spaces more livable and workable – not to mention making my dad proud!

Images 1-6 property of The Container Store (http://www.containerstore.com/welcome.htm), Images 7-10 property of Design Sponge (http://www.designsponge.com)

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