Soak up some Style with Design * Sponge

I know, it has been too long since I’ve posted.  So much has been going on with the move to my new apartment, and anyone who has moved before, knows that it is always a far bigger pain than you anticipated!  But I’ve begun to nest and am putting my design creativity on the back burner in order to let the literary juices flow for a bit!

I really thought I had found the gems of interior design blogs.  The best, of course being Apartment Therapy, but last night, as we were drinking lemonade on my porch like old ladies, my dear friend Katie imparted upon me a priceless bit of design eye candy!  It’s called Design * Sponge.  While I will admit that it’s not as good as Apartment Therapy‘s site, it is a close second.

One thing I really like about Design * Sponge is that they feature far more cities in their city guides than Apartment Therapy, and the shops they do feature seem to be more affordable.  Also, they offer restaurant recommendations.  The Raleigh City Guide for instance includes a great little thrifty antique store called Father And Son(whose website is currently under construction – but you can look them up on their myspace page).   Father and Son is so cool, I’ll have to do an entirely separate post about them.  Design * Sponge’s Raleigh feature also recommends places in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham which I thought was a very nice addition.

Design * Sponge has a pretty good product guide.  They have a few interesting posts here about design in various movies with features such as “Living in Annie Hall” and “Living in Out of Africa” which while I think they’d be great articles in a decor magazine, they seem a little like fillers on this site.  Maybe that is because Annie Hall and Out of Africa are probably both in my top ten favorite movies and writing little articles about the design in them seems trivial in comparison to the brilliance of the films themselves!  Some of the other products recommendations are pretty great though – such as the various gift ideas in categories like “under $25” and “under $50“.

The best part of the Design * Sponge has to be the sneak peeks.  These are similar to Apartment Therapy’s House Tours.  What I like about the sneak peaks are the variety of design.  I have recently felt that Apartment Therapy has been repeating the same themes and styles throughout their house tours lately.  I think that the sneak peeks on Design * Sponge have shown that while people may have drastically different tastes, with the right approach, any style can be made to work!

Okay, I’m out!  Go have fun on Design * Sponge!!!

All photos property of Design * Sponge:

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One Response to Soak up some Style with Design * Sponge

  1. girlsguitar says:

    After perusing the website further, I have found that they also have a city guide for Durham that may be even BETTER than the Raleigh city guide. Go check it out!

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