Assume the Position, Chicken!

Just like Apartment Therapy sends out a daily newsletter, one of their affiliate sites, The Kitchn, sends out a weekly newsletter.  Last week, the topic was, “The Naughty Way to Roast a Chicken”.  Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan explains how to roast a chicken in a bundt pan using some very risque cooking lingo!

Here’s Sara’s chicken.

So, I’ve never cooked a whole chicken, but as I’m trying to branch out and be a little more daring in the kitchen… I decided to try to roast a chicken the naughty way!

*The Recipe*

I picked up some potatoes, carrots, onion, and a chicken (about 3.75 lbs.).  Ingredients were only about $15.00!  Pretty good price… pretty great meal.

So, here’s me preparing my chicken.  I rubbed it with salt, pepper, seasoned pepper, lemon pepper, parsley and basil.

And…. here’s how it turned out:

Voila!  Before I do it again, I plan to learn how to carve this birdie!

When my brother and I were younger, we started a Thanksgiving tradition of naming the turkey.  There was Bob, Joe, Bob again, and my brother once named it after a boy who had just broken my heart!  We enjoyed watching it cook in the oven that year!  I think we decided to name the turkey because when you see an actual whole animal carcass, it makes you feel a little more guilt about eating meat rather than when you see it on a sandwich, as a slice or in some other form.  So, as you can guess, I began feeling a bit guilty about roasting my chicken, especially after I rammed his bum over the bundt pan protrusion!  And what shall I name this one?  How about “Dinner”?!

Photo 1 property of The Kitchn:

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One Response to Assume the Position, Chicken!

  1. Evan says:

    Savory! You can make this… anytime…

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