“Not all rugs are created equal”

“I love woven rugs, but not all rugs are created equal.” – Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami.

I too love woven rugs.  With their bright colors and exotic feel, woven rugs can bring a room to life, but I had not heard a great deal about the child labor problems in South Asia where there are roughly 250,000 children working on the looms as early as four years of age.  What’s more, these children are typically kidnapped or trafficked into these positions, and it’s not uncommon for young girls to eventually be trafficked from the loom into the sex industry.

I came across Good Weave‘s site today.  They are an organization working to end child labor in the carpet industry.  Not only has this been done through the Good Weave rug certification process, made possible by Rug Mark, but more than 3600 children have been rescued from child labor in the rug industry by the Good Weave program.  The rescued children are enrolled in rehabilitation and educational programs funded by proceeds from rug sales bearing the Good Weave seal.  So, by purchasing a rug with the Good Weave seal, consumers are doing their part to stop child labor in the carpet industry too!

On Good Weave‘s site, you can find a list of retailers across the US who sell child-labor free rugs.  I clicked on one of the designers, Angela Adams and the rugs I saw on the page were truly beautiful, such as this one shown here, Canopy/Indigo, a hand-tufted wool rug.  Angela also designs hand-woven cotton and hand-woven wool rugs.  On Good Weave‘s site,  you can also search for retailers.  Some local retailers include Ecko International, Nested, and Furnitureland South to name a few.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about this issue.  While we love to adorn our homes with woven rugs, it is important to know where our interior decor comes from and ensure that no one is being exploited in order to make our homes beautiful.

Images 1-4 property of GoodWeave:  http://www.goodweave.org/home.php ; Image 5 property of Angela Adams Designs:  http://www.angelaadams.com/ ; Image 6 property of Good Weave:  http://www.goodweave.org/home.php ; Video property of Good Weave:  http:// http://www.goodweave.org/home.php

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One Response to “Not all rugs are created equal”

  1. April says:

    Thanks so much for bringing awareness to the GoodWeave campaign with this post. Really enjoy your blog — keep up the good work!

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